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Housebuilder Challenge 2021: RPS supports The Youth Adventure Trust to provide a brighter future for teenagers

We love building a close relationship with our clients and supporting causes close to their hearts, so when we were approached by Danny Czepiec, procurement manager of Ecofficiency, we were more than happy to back the firm’s upcoming quest to raise money for The Youth Adventure Trust...
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Wooden pallet recycling the easy way at RPS

We collect a variety of pallet specifications and sizes, but not all of them can be repaired and reused...
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RPS: The UK national pallet supplier

In the last six months, the cost of timber used for wooden pallets and packaging manufacturing has increased by 25%...
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Steering our employees towards a healthier and greener future

At RPS, the wellbeing of our employees is paramount. Sir Richard Branson once said: “Clients do not come first...
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For the best prices paid for pallets, bring yours to the RPS Pallet Gate

Did you know there are an estimated 250 million pallets in circulation in the UK? Pallets come in all shapes and types and can be used in many industries – most can be recycled and reused to reduce waste and optimise an existing product for multiple trips...
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RPS creates a simple, fast and effective IT system to manage pallets for clients

In a 2019 study, it was found that UK employees ‘waste’ two hours a day searching for data and information, resulting in a 16% drop in workforce efficiencies...
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