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Date posted: 9th June 2021

In the last six months, the cost of timber used for wooden pallets and packaging manufacturing has increased by 25%. This means that the price of brand-new wooden pallets continues to rise.

That’s not the only thing escalating. Due to the higher cost of new pallets, the demand for reconditioned pallets has increased as more and more businesses are looking for cheaper solutions for pallet supply.

RPS is a UK pallet supplier with a dedicated customer service team that co-ordinate the supply of pallets to businesses nationwide. We often hear “where can I buy pallets?” and RPS is the place to be for new and reconditioned pallets.

Please watch our service video for an overview of our pallet supply solutions.

With the demand of reconditioned pallets on the rise, RPS can provide your business with the security of supply to ensure you do not stop production and you can keep your products moving.

Fully sorted, inspected and where necessary repaired, our recycled pallets are perfect and ready to use. By using our reconditioned pallets, your company will reduce costs on packaging spend and you can become more sustainable. Reusable pallets reduce the reliance on raw materials making them an environmental and economic solution to your supply chain.

If you’re looking for a pallet supplier who can keep your production moving without any problems, get in touch with our friendly team who can help set the wheels in motion.

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