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RPS is all about pallets. It's in our nature. Our employees cannot drive down a road without a truck full of pallets catching their eye.

RPS collects and supplies wooden pallets on a national basis. We have long established services to responsibly collect and supply pallets with one point of contact nationwide. For scrap pallets that cannot be reused, we process them in our state-of-the-art shredder and send the woodchip for recycling and energy recovery.

From our purpose-built headquarters on Teesside, we co-ordinate the entire UK process. Whether it's a simple one-off collection or a comprehensive pallet management scheme, RPS leads the way and takes the hassle out of pallets with full duty of care.

For further details, please read our What We Do page or call us on 01642 465556. Our online audit pack is also available to view and download from our website.

Gary Hudson, Managing Director

Gary Hudson

Managing Director

01642 469322  /  07802 870312

Owen Hines, Managing Director

Owen Hines

Business Development Director

01642 927765  /  07880 721240

Thomas Hudson, Commercial Director

Thomas Hudson

Commercial Director

01642 469322  /  07805 491783

Emma Norton, Senior Accounts Manager

Emma Norton

Senior Accounts Manager

01642 927765  /  07739 796256

Josh Laverick, Business Development Manager

Josh Laverick

Business Development Manager

01642 469322  /  07917 697734

Lisa Headlam, Customer Service Manager

Lisa Headlam

Customer Service Manager

01642 433604

Alaister Jackson, Customer Service Manager

Alaister Jackson

Customer Service Manager

01642 927760

Sam Dixon, Financial & Growth Manager

Sam Dixon

Financial & Growth Manager

01642 469400

Ray Windross, Operations Manager

Ray Windross

Operations Manager

01642 927766

Member of Pallet Co-op, Registered QMS ISO 14001, Registered QMS OHSAS 18001
Member of Industrial Packaging Association

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Purchase, installation and commissioning of a new shredder

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