Wooden pallet recycling the easy way at RPS

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We collect a variety of pallet specifications and sizes, but not all of them can be repaired and reused. Instead of putting scrap pallets in a skip, which can be pricey, we shred and recycle them in our wood shredder.

Our QR1700 Untha wood shredder is capable of recycling 100 tonnes of pallet wood each week, allowing us to handle as many of your pallets as possible. This means we can provide an all-round service from repairing and supplying good pallets for reuse to recycling pallets in our shredder. Since installing the machine in April 2020, we have shredded more than 4,000 tonnes of wooden pallets!

The wood chip we are left with can be easily recycled into animal bedding or used as biomass feedstock, meaning no pallet goes to landfill.

You can watch our machine in action here…

We understand that it can be costly to dispose of pallets. In some cases, wood skips are used to send pallets for recycling but the cost of this can soon add up. In comparison to collecting up to 40 pallets in a wood skip, RPS uses 18te vehicles to collect up to 250 pallets in one collection (dependent on their size). This dramatically reduces the cost of disposal compared to the more traditional option of using a skip.

There is a cost for this collection service, but we can guarantee that it is more cost-effective than alternative solutions and it is environmentally sustainable. You could even drop your scrap wooden pallets off at our site yourself, free of charge. Please give us a call to confirm the types of wood waste we can accept, and we will take it from there.

Get in touch with us to discover how RPS can seamlessly implement our wooden pallet recycling service at your company. You can also find us on Twitter and LinkedIn.