Santa Claus uses pallets supplied by RPS

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As you may remember from previous blogs we've posted, RPS has a special yuletide customer that is one of our most revered clients. Each year, Mr Claus himself requests that RPS takes the hassle out of pallets for his team of busy elves. The Artic workers have plenty to be getting on with each year on the lead up to Christmas and the last thing they need is a problem with pallets.

RPS helps by supplying pallets on time and collecting used pallets quickly to avoid disruption at the huge toy and gift workshops and the main sleigh distribution centre. The last thing Santa needs on Christmas Eve is his runway blocked with broken pallets, holding back the sleigh filled with presents for all the good boys and girls. RPS’ Yule Log-istics helps prevent a standstill at this extremely busy time of year.

Here is a link to our blog which explains the service we provide Father Christmas. You may notice a familiar photo of the man himself feeling jolly that his pallets arrived on time! Some have told us that the photo has a resemblance to our Manging Director Gary . . . we can’t see it ourselves, but we’ll let you decide.

We would like to wish all of our colleagues, customers, suppliers and new blog readers a fantastic Christmas and all the very best for a brilliant 2022! All the best!