Fantastic employee engagement survey results for RPS

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Each year, our employees perform an engagement survey so that we can understand our employees’ thoughts on the business. It provides invaluable information on how we can improve and adapt to make RPS a great place to work.

Everyone completes 12 questions relating to their experience of working with the company. These questions analyse our employees’ primary needs, understanding of roles & responsibilities and how much they feel part of the team now and in the future.

To understand further insights, each year we ask our employees questions where they can write their own opinions and suggestions. The questions include; what makes RPS a great company to work for, what improvements can employees suggest, how good is our communication and there’s a space to add any further comments that may have not been covered elsewhere in the survey.

The results this year were outstanding, with 69% of employees engaged in their work and the company. This is the best result we’ve had in the 5 year history of performing the survey. Over the years, we have listened to the results and comments that our employees have shared. That is why we have our best result on record and we’ve retained our unblemished record of 0% employees actively disengaged.

Building on our employees’ comments, including communication and clear roles and responsibilities, over the last two years we have implemented some great initiatives to vastly improve these areas. The improvements have been highlighted from this years’ comments:

“Communication is excellent. We now have monthly bulletins, team meetings, communication boards, and improved emails and noticeboards”.

 “Management are actively involved in day to day business, open and approachable. Shows that all employees are valuable and contribute to success”.

“A fantastic, driven, forward thinking company to work for. Wish I’d joined earlier!”.

The result is testament to the entire team working together to create a fantastic working environment. Without the team, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the high level of service we provide to our customers, and make sure we have a happy and prosperous workplace. Well done to everyone at RPS and here’s to another year of greatness!