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Driving and developing good business ethics

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Date posted: 14th October 2016

We all know that driving good business ethics and developing positivity throughout our companies are essential to building strong, trustworthy relationships with not only our clients but our team too.

RPS has attended a number of seminars over the years, all pushing various different methods and strategies for spurning and sustaining business development, although few have been quite so profound as one we attended recently, presented by author, international speaker

and mind coach, John Dabrowski.

John operates under the curious title of Mental Resilience Expert; his book ‘Off The Wall: How to develop world class mental resilience” sits on our MD Gary Hudson’s bookshelf. Such a title conjures images of intense challenge and mental strain. Contrarily, the book and its author encourage the development of positivity within business.

Turning negative attitudes into positive ones and visualising scenarios to achieve the most constructive outcomes are just some of John’s strong beliefs. It is almost a mantra which holds employees at the very centre, supporting their wellbeing and allowing their professional positivity and confidence to feed through and drive the rest of the business.

We have drawn a great deal of inspiration from him and his teachings, which suggest that by supporting the wellbeing of all employees, will in turn develop the business. His lessons in positivity and cooperation are central components of a successful business and have truly inspired us to develop a new goal for the Company, to develop a better workplace for our employees.

In August, we started making improvements and we are already starting to see encouraging changes. New workbenches were installed in a tangible effort to improve the working lives of our team and positive mental support is always improving to meet our employees’ needs.

As John recommends, we aim for positivity throughout the entire company and as a central driver of the success of the firm, the workforce is one of our top priorities.

What do you think about John’s business ethics? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting us @RPS_Limited.

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