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Employee Profile – Managing Director Gary Hudson

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Date posted: 29th September 2016

Welcome to our new monthly blog feature – employee profiles!


We’ve set it up as a way for you to get to know our team better and their roles within RPS.

For our first employee profile, we are of course starting at the top, with our Managing Director, Gary Hudson.

Gary was a founding director of Returnable Packaging Services (RPS) Ltd back in 2002. The company’s aim was to put into action a working theory of packaging collections for reuse, which is something Gary had been asked to develop by potential customers.

Since then, he has worked hard to develop an innovative pallet collection model, which can be applied within a variety of industries, and he’s done a fantastic job, even if we do say so ourselves!



Gary has worked extremely hard over the years to develop RPS and its team and we are more than happy to be working under such great leadership.

Here are some interesting facts about Gary we bet you didn’t know:

  • He previously worked at ICI in Wilton, Redcar, for many years as a packaging consultant.
  • Gary was a semi-professional footballer back in the day. He was a goalkeeper and played for teams such as Whitby FC, Northallerton FC and he even made an appearance for Preston North End in 1973!
  • He is a season ticket holder for Sunderland AFC, a team he has supported for most of his life.
  • Gary also enjoys quoits – he is the captain of the Maunby Buck Inn Quoits team and they’ve had a successful year with the team being this season’s champions of the league.
  • He is also a keen train spotter! Gary captured some great footage of the Flying Scotsman as it steamed through North Yorkshire earlier this year.
  • Director Gary is a keen steam engine enthusiast. He spotted the Flying Scotsman as it travelled through Yorkshire earlier this year.


    Keep your eyes peeled next month for another employee profile.

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