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What do you do with waste?

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Date posted: 10th February 2020

Here at RPS, we care about waste, and we want to know why you do too.

In 2018, a number of environmental groups called on the Government to tackle a growing “packaging waste mountain”, following worrying waste and recycling figures from Defra.

UK recycling rates are stalling across all industries and all materials and there is a very real chance that England, Scotland and Northern Ireland could fail to meet the 2020 50 per cent recycling rate.

Paper and cardboard account for the largest percentage of packaging material recycled, at 81.9 per cent, while wood trails at the bottom of the table with just over 30 per cent being recycled. And the construction industry is by far the biggest producer of waste at 60 per cent.

We’ve written about the Government’s waste strategy here, and now we’re trying to find out what makes waste management so important.

Is it simply a matter of using your resources more efficiently, and implementing a more circular economy? Or maybe for your business it’s simply a matter of money?

At RPS, we never send a pallet to landfill and we lead the way in the packaging waste sector to encourage the Government’s legislation of reuse over recycling and recovery. The recovery of pallets for reuse can help reduce packaging spend, as this process can be implemented with little effort and returning a reusable pallet is considerably cheaper than buying new replacement ones.

We’d love to know your thoughts. What do you do with your waste, and have you changed your strategy in recent years?

If you feel you could do more, either in terms of recycling or reusing, what would help? Is the support out there?

If you would like to discuss pallets and packaging waste for free, get in touch with us through our website and we’d love to see how we can help.

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