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The construction industry produces more than 100 million tonnes of waste each year, of which 3 million tonnes is wood waste. This includes wooden packaging used to transport building products between suppliers and the construction sites. There is a big emphasis to reduce construction waste and here at RPS we can simplify pallet waste management to take away the hassle.

Construction projects are encouraged to perform a site waste management plan before commencing work, to establish the most responsible ways to handle and reduce waste. Skips are inevitably an important asset for this, but with bulky pallets not sitting well in a skip they soon fill up and hold small quantities.

In the same area as two car parking spaces, a construction site could store up to 200 pallets on the ground. RPS can collect these in one go and on one vehicle which, in comparison to skip exchanges can help to reduce the volume of collections. This in turn reduces the cost of pallet removal.

In addition to reducing collection costs, RPS will also ensure every pallet handled is not just chipped and recycled. RPS sorts and inspects all pallets to determine if they can be reused, with the aim to return pallets to the original supplier. This offers a sustainable solution to strengthen resource efficiency and reduce overall waste.

RPS is not just a local pallet collection company. We collect nationally so we have it covered. This takes the hassle out of finding several regional collection companies to service individual sites. You have one point of contact, one payment structure, one analysis format and one duty of care audit to complete.


BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is a world leading sustainability assessment method for planning projects, infrastructure and buildings. Launched in 1990, BREEAM evaluates the procurement, design, construction and operation of a development in order to identify resource efficiencies. The assessment is then benchmarked against targets and subsequently rated and certified.

The BREEAM assessment process is broken down in to a series of categories. Pallets would fall into the Waste category where sustainable management, and reuse where possible, is encouraged. The aim of this category is to reduce and divert waste from landfill. Recycling is a quick option for used pallets and itís an established process for construction sites that place pallets in wood skips after us. To ultimately reduce waste, the most environmental option is reuse. The assessment and classification of waste packaging legislation advises that packaging which can be reused multiple times should be not be considered as waste. So, by using RPS to send your scrap pallets for reuse, you engage with a more preferable environmental option and could potentially improve your BREEAM rating.

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