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Splintering recycling targets

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Date posted: 27th April 2018

It was recently revealed that European Union (EU) targets for wooden packaging recycling have been slashed by over 50 per cent.

The original proposed recycling targets were 60% for 2025 and 75% for 2030. These targets have been reduced to 25% and 30% respectively, and it looks as though the UK and other EU-member states are set to approve these cuts.

The change has been driven by the strength in demand for waste wood and end-of-life wooden pallets as biomass fuel. Pallets and wooden packaging waste are the main commodity to produce fuel for the biomass market.

While these cuts may sound dramatic, the 2030 target is double the current target of 15% and therefore the EU still views this as progress. The lower targets were also justified due to the nature of reusing pallets multiple times before then extracting the energy as biomass feedstock. This clearly demonstrates the importance and emergence of reuse above and beyond recycling and energy recovery as having greater sustainability benefits.

What does this mean for the industry?

Well, there is likely to be far less pressure on businesses to recycle waste wooden packaging and it could help to promote a circular economy. RPS believes by becoming more sustainable and reusing pallets before recycling or turning them into biomass fuel, we can help reduce the amount of wood waste generated.

RPS operates a national recovery for reuse service, where pallets are collected, inspected, repaired and returned to the customer for reuse. This process helps emphasise reuse above recycling and energy recovery, and demonstrates measurable benefits both environmental and economic.

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