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How do your pallets stack up in the face of sustainability?

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Date posted: 20th April 2018

In a recent construction industry survey, over 57 per cent of respondents said that their company is more committed to sustainability than it was 12 months ago.

Almost 34 per cent said that waste management and resource efficiency was one of the top three focuses for their company’s sustainability investment.

Over 140,000 houses are being built in the UK each year, and every build can use as many as 38 pallets of building materials, which generates lots of waste.

Many firms choose to dispose of their pallets in skips, but disposal costs can quickly escalate given the number of skip exchanges required per project. Also, pallets come in all shapes and sizes and don’t fit well in skips, which means there can be a lot of wasted space when transporting. This ultimately leads to more skips being needed as fewer pallets can be loaded.

We believe there’s a better way to move pallets, improve sustainability and reduce costs.

We collect pallets from customers, both nationally and internationally, using vehicles as opposed to skips.

By collecting pallets in this way, we are able to stack them neatly in lifts. Up to 250 pallets can fit on one standard vehicle. That’s the equivalent of around four or five skip exchanges, which is a far greater cost than one vehicle collection.

Our aim to help our customers implement a circular economy into their business. We ensure each used pallet is sorted, inspected and prepared for reuse. This prevents used pallets needlessly being chipped and recycled or used for energy recovery. The pallets can be reused multiple times for their original purpose.

Also, with the price of timber steadily rising, new wooden pallet prices are also increasing, so this is also a great way to control packaging spend.

If you’re looking to save your business money and would like to help the environment, get in touch by calling 01642 465556 or tweet us @RPS_Limited.

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