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Pallet Recovery for Reuse

RPS supplies wooden pallets but our service excels in the collection of your pallets from your customers for reuse. We believe that pallets should not take up significant time and effort to look after, and that is why RPS manages the entire collection process, relieving you of the hassle of organising collections.

When your customer has finished using the product on your pallet, the used pallet can be collected by RPS, inspected, repaired and returned to you for reuse. With the price of timber steadily rising, new wooden pallet prices are also increasing. The recovery of pallets for reuse can help reduce packaging spend, as this process can be implemented with little effort and returning a reusable pallet is considerably cheaper than buying replacement new pallets.

RPS can collect pallets from your customers both nationally and where economical across Europe. Once collected, our fully qualified team sorts and inspects the pallets, repairs any damage to prepare them for reuse. Pallets that cannot be reused will either be recycled or used for energy recovery, such as biomass.

After assessment, you only pay once your pallets have been delivered back to your site for reuse, ensuring no financial risks and minimal effort to achieve fantastic financial savings.

The process also encourages resource efficiencies and complies with the Circular Economy Package. As part of the waste hierarchy, reuse comes above recycling and energy recovery, promoting sustainability.

This process gives you one point of contact for all your national pallet collections, ensuring effective communication. You no longer need to occupy your time and resource on managing several individual pallet collection companies, performing multiple duty of care audits and consolidating several individual reporting structures.

The process can also be applied to specialist transit packaging that has the potential to be reused. RPS collects used FIBCs and bespoke packaging which can be cleaned, refurbished and returned for reuse. If you use bespoke packaging that can be collected and returned, then RPS can help implement a reuse process.

See how RPS can help you save time, money and the environment by implementing our pallet and packaging reuse service.

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