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Date posted: 26th May 2021

In a 2019 study, it was found that UK employees ‘waste’ two hours a day searching for data and information, resulting in a 16% drop in workforce efficiencies. If there is one thing we don’t like doing at RPS, it’s wasting anything and our pallet collection for reuse service is testament to that. That is why we continually identify improvements across our business, including investment in our IT systems to provide high performance standards.

For over ten years, we have worked with the team at Backslash Software to enhance our IT systems, provide the latest software innovations and guarantee that we can provide our pallet services professionally and comprehensibly.

The digital marketing and software development agency, who has also worked with and Comply Direct, created a bespoke IT management system for us in 2011, which has undergone a lot of regeneration over the last year.

We have incorporated many business analysis features in to our bespoke system, which formerly would have taken several days per month to create and manage on a spreadsheet. Now, everyone at RPS has the ability to see live data at the click of a button. This improves efficiencies as it reduces the time spent on reporting and allows us to effectively analyse everything from productivity to finances.

The management system not only provides RPS with an in-depth CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, it also allows us to review and enhance our services through its data reports, the provision of early alerts to maintain certification for ourselves and contractors, and provides collection and delivery information including packaging weights to assist clients with weekly, monthly or annual reporting requirements.

The system enables us to schedule and manage our pallet collections and deliveries proactively to ensure nothing is missed. Used pallet collections can be raised, organised and completed quickly and easily. The collection data recorded produces valuable statistics, such as the volume of pallets that we can recycle, which our management team uses to report back to our customers and further analyse and improve the services we provide. The data helps us to create advanced forecasts of supply requirements and ensures that we hold sufficient stocks of pallets, so our customers know we have the packaging available for their operations.

Greg Brant, our dedicated developer, has helped the RPS team tremendously by ensuring we have the best system in place and that we make the most of the technology available to us. He has been extremely productive and suggested alternative solutions to help develop and implement more efficiencies for our management system. This means we have a strong, detailed but above all, a simple system that makes pallet management and reporting easier and faster for our customers.

Our advanced IT system allows RPS to provide the confidence to customers that we will collect and supply pallets efficiently, compliantly and professionally. To learn more about our pallet services, get in touch with our dedicated team for further details.

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