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Date posted: 28th May 2021

Did you know there are an estimated 250 million pallets in circulation in the UK? Pallets come in all shapes and types and can be used in many industries – most can be recycled and reused to reduce waste and optimise an existing product for multiple trips.

RPS collects and supplies recycled pallets and we are always interested to handle more to help reduce packaging waste. That’s why we’ve introduced our ‘Pallet Gate’.

Our national pallet collection service is usually for 100 or more pallets at a time, but what happens to the companies and drivers who have a smaller amount of pallets to collect? Where can they send their pallets for recycling?

Our site on Durham Lane Industrial Park, Eaglescliffe has helped us create an exceptional facility to handle pallets professionally and responsibly. To assist companies with smaller quantities of pallets, we have introduced our Pallet Gate where you can bring your pallets, regardless of volume. Our team will assess them and if they have value, we will provide the best prices for your reusable pallets.

Because you can drop the pallets off free of charge, RPS can pay the best rebates for them, including Standard (1200x1000mm), Euro (1200x800mm) and CP pallets. No longer will you need to ask, “how much money can I get for my pallets?”, just bring them to our depot and we can pay the best prices.

Bring your pallets to our site for an instant assessment or give us a call on 01642 465556. You’ll find us at Cleasby Way, Durham Lane Industrial Park, Eaglescliffe, TS16 0RD – look out for the red sign.

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