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Date posted: 12th April 2021

At RPS, our team is here to take the hassle out of pallets by collecting, supplying or recycling them. We thought we would offer an insight into how our national pallet collection service works and also share our latest service video for you to watch.

We collect all different sizes and specification of pallets from any industry across the UK. Once collected, our qualified operatives sort, inspect and if necessary, repair the pallets for reuse.

For pallets that can be reused, our Customer Service team will arrange a collection and RPS can potentially offer rebates or collect your pallets free of charge. For pallets that cannot be reused, we shred them on-site using our state-of-the-art wood, which is capable of handling up to 100 tonnes of pallet wood waste every week. The wood shred is then sent for recycling or used for biomass feedstock.

Our national average pallet collection turnaround is three working days. Sometimes collections may take a little longer and we always aim to collect within seven working days. We are fully accredited to collect unwanted pallets, performing all collections with the correct waste transfer notes, waste permits and licences.

If you have pallets that need collecting, please get in touch with our dedicated team for further details and to book a collection.

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