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As many of the lockdown restrictions have been lifted in England, here at RPS we are looking forward to edging closer to a ‘new normal’ after 18 months of pandemic life. Here are just five things that many businesses, including us, are excited to be doing once more.

Welcome back to the office

We’ve slowly been returning to our Pallet HQ over the last few weeks, after months of employees working from home where possible. Although we have adapted to the lockdown obstacle quickly and easily, we are excited to get the team back together whilst making everyone feel safe and in the workplace.

Greetings to our customers

Many businesses closed their doors to customers and visitors last year - we had only essential maintenance performed at our office - so we are excited to welcome you all back.

It will be great for us to welcome people to finally see the new site where our pallets are recycled and repaired, and fingers crossed, we’ll soon be able to organise an open day to invite everyone. We are looking forward to thanking clients to whom we have supplied pallets, for their continued custom and for helping each other through the more difficult times.

Bounce back

Over the pandemic, some industries slowed down but luckily didn’t entirely disappear. Although our team have been busier than ever repairing pallets and exceeding collection and delivery records, other businesses will now need to steadily get back on their feet to ensure the integrity of their products and services.

A boost from a re-energised economy will hopefully allow production lines to bounce back and meet the increased demand from the market. This will be a welcome return to ‘normality’ for many businesses.

Time to reflect

Nobody could have predicted the last 18 months, so we are going to use the rollercoaster to our advantage and assess what happened, what worked, what didn’t and how we can reset the business to its full potential.

Although change can also present a challenge for companies, it can help to improve operations, production and customer service. Here at RPS, we intend to stop, review and reset to ensure we constantly improve our pallet services for our customers.

Looking to the future

With light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, it’s time for firms to look towards the future and assess how the market has changed and if new products or services could be added. Some existing services that have adapted over the last 18 months can also be assessed to make sure they’re relevant for our new future.

This is the perfect opportunity to grab new opportunities based on the new economic landscape. Some businesses will have to change just to keep up with demand and fit into a brand-new way of thinking.

The coming months are going to be interesting and potentially uncertain. It’s never been more important to support one another and help businesses prosper. It’s time to help each other adjust to the “new normal”.

How will the easing of lockdown impact your business? Let us know by tweeting us @RPS_Limited.