New pallet solutions, new clients and regional growth at RPS

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Over the last few months, many regional improvements have been taking place on Teesside. These developments include the refurbishment of Steel House as part of the port regeneration at Teesworks, and upgrading Middlesbrough train station to improve transport links to London. With so many positive local changes “repairing” the region, our team has reflected on the progress we have made in 2021 so far:

In May, we acquired WG&S Young Pallets as retirement meant the owner Susan wished to pass the reins. As part of the acquisition, RPS has many new customers which includes supplying pallets to Primary Diets, an animal feed company near Ripon.

To enhance our existing packaging waste reduction initiatives at Darlington’s Cummins Engine Plant, we have dispatched a trial load of protective cardboard packaging back to America for reuse. Due to its bespoke and robust nature, RPS proposed to return the components to America rather than being recycled at cost to Cummins. The first trial load has been shipped for assessment and if successful, our cost-effective packaging solution will reduce waste and disposal costs.

We have recently started supplying wooden pallets to NIFCO, an automotive component manufacturer based in Eaglescliffe. RPS supplies ‘new-life’ bespoke pallets, made from recycled timber boards, as well as regular pallet sizes, such as Standards. As well as supplying pallets, we also collect their used or unwanted pallets for recycling, completing two jobs in one!

We have provided extensive training for many of our employees, including first aid, fire warden and banksman certifications. Our operatives have also completed manual handling training, which was a combination of full course for our newer team members and refresher training for our existing employees.

Working with a UK waste management company, we have started to collect used and scrap pallets from all UK Dobbies Garden Centres. We provide nationwide pallet collections, paying competitive rebates for good pallets and shredding scrap pallets for recycling. Our Customer Service team ensures collections are performed quickly so that the store’s yards are not congested with pallets.

Our Business Development team are currently implementing a scrap pallet collection partnership for construction companies in the North East of England. Good pallets will be returned cost-effectively to the original suppliers for reuse. As timber prices continue to increase, this sustainable solution will help keep costs under control as we make a larger quantity of recycled pallets available for reuse.

It’s great to see so much happening both regionally and nationally, providing future “green” solutions for the economy. There is a positive air on Teesside with many new developments taking place, especially after one of the most challenging times in recent history. We are looking forward to being part of this transition and seeing how business progresses throughout the rest of 2021.

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