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Date posted: 31st March 2020

As regular readers will know, we’re currently in the process of moving to a new site in Eaglescliffe, and we’re hoping to be open very soon.

One of the most exciting elements of our new home will be the extra room, which will allow us to offer new services, one of which is shredding.

We’re always looking for ways to reuse pallets rather than recycle, and, as usual, we’ll try to save pallets from the shredder. However, many of the pallets that we collect from construction sites cannot be reused.

In such cases, we will shred the wood for recycling into products such as animal bedding or to be used for biomass fuel – we’re proud to say that none of our waste wood ever ends up in landfill.

As such, once the new site is up and running, anyone with Grade A wooden packaging will be able to drop their pallets off free of charge and we will shred it responsibly.

The service is for Grade A pallet wood only. Unfortunately, we cannot shred lower grade wood, such as painted wood, door or window frames, tanalised wood such as decking off-cuts or railway sleepers.

The service will commence in April 2020 – please get in touch on 01642 465556 and select option 1. 

How do you recycle at work? Let us know via Twitter at @RPS_Limited.

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Purchase, installation and commissioning of a new shredder

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