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WRAP intends to increase third sector collaborations to increase reuse

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Date posted: 24th February 2015 Newsroom has reported that WRAP is aiming to further promote the Circular Economy through collaborations and partnerships between third sector organisations.

WRAP has launched a new tool to help businesses that are looking to reduce waste and encourage a circular approach on resources.

They have released a portfolio of resources to help third sector partnerships and associations to be created, stating that partnerships are essential for companies to receive the financial, social and environmental benefits of reuse.

RPS promotes environment and economical benefits through the collection of transit packaging for reuse. As an example of WRAPs vision, RPS facilitates the collection, inspection and repair of pallets and big bags for a leading European pigment manufacturer. In 2014 RPS collected 79,500 pallets and 83,000 big bags which were returned to the customer for reuse. This saved the business in excess of €737K compared to buying new packaging replacements supporting sustainability.


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WRAP is putting together guidelines to help ‘make reuse a strategic priority’ and urges businesses to ‘produce a reuse action plan’. This will be developed through WRAP hosting workshops promoting third sector collaborations.

Linda Crichton, head of resource management at WRAP said: “Keeping goods in use for longer is a critical part of delivering a circular economy.

“Not only does it reduce pressures on raw materials but has the potential to create new jobs and training opportunities. Successful partnerships are key to driving the re-use sector, but it does need a concerted effort by all involved. Done well and it will bring big benefits locally to councils, organisations, individuals and the economy.”

The WRAP website demonstrates how partnerships are the key to success in reuse. It explains how in 2012, 1.5 million tonnes of CO2e were saved by reusing resources in the UK. In the same year 11,000 full time equivalent jobs were supported by reuse organisations, with a further 15,700 full time equivalent volunteer placements created.


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RPS is currently working with the newest member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Deutsche Post DHL, to collect pallets from their distribution hubs across the UK for the intention of reuse. This is one part of their overall aim of supporting the concept of reverse logistics.

In addition, UK households benefitted from approximately £6bn from the reuse sector by keeping goods in circulation for longer. So it goes to show that reuse can help save money and the environment through fewer raw materials being sourced.

To encourage a more circular approach on packaging, RPS can work directly alongside businesses or as a second tier supplier to total waste management companies. For further information please visit our services page to see how RPS can help.

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