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The growing need for resource management policy

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Date posted: 10th March 2015

Here at RPS we’re passionate about reuse and greater resource management. It seems that more and more manufacturers are recognising the value of reuse too, as well as the benefits that promoting a circular economy would bring.


The growing calls for the next parliament to implement greater resource management policy are indicative of the growing awareness of the value that reuse holds for a business, both in terms of cost reduction and environmental impact. Not only can businesses make great savings through more efficient use of resources (such as 50% saving by reusing pallets rather than buying new) but can also improve public image by resonating with the ever more environmentally conscious customer.


Recent manifestos put forward by groups such as EEF and The ICE, as well as comments made by the EU Environment Commissioner stress the impetus for greater implementation of resource management, in an effort to promote a circular economy. The generation of better data would certainly make the process of managing waste and recycling easier by highlighting relevant infrastructure in need of support. The calls for a government office for resource management would also help promote a circular outlook to the economy which would drive businesses forward through greater management of resources.


The focus for manufacturers, given this, is to make an effort to integrate reuse into the supply chain by tackling how a product is produced. By creating products designed to be reused rather than focussing on recycling, manufacturers can establish a more cost effective and efficient process. Savings can also be made in the manufacturing process by reducing waste, with manufacturers worldwide recognising the need to make headway in this area. Volkswagen’s India plant, for example, met their target of reducing waste generation by 30.5% since 2012. Efforts such as this to make greater use of resources will not only lead to cost reductions but will also significantly reduce environmental impact.


With the cost benefits of greater resource management becoming more apparent, the importance of environmental awareness within business is growing. Hopefully this rise in awareness will lead to greater reuse and recycling, and a greener manufacturing industry.


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