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What affect would leaving the EU have on the UK waste management sector?

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Date posted: 21st June 2016

The EU referendum is closing in fast and it’s important now, more than ever, to discuss the impact Brexit would have on the UK waste management sector.

Whether we leave or remain, recycling is hugely important for the environment and in the event of either outcome, it is crucial businesses continue to reduce, reuse and recycle.

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At RPS, we feel it is important to provide a balanced perspective on the impact Brexit could have on the management of UK waste.

If we are to remain a member of the European Union:

  • Waste wouldn’t, or shouldn’t, be affected because the UK would continue to handle its own waste even if we remain. Landfill sites will still be in operation and space will still be an issue. Remaining in the EU means prices are likely to continue to rise.
  • Reuse and recycling targets will remain stable and reasonable for the benefit of our future as a union.

If we leave the European Union:

  • The UK waste and recycling industry could potentially be in a better position. According to a poll performed by Untha in March, 22% of people believed an exit could mean the UK can put forward its own laws to encourage reuse and recycling.
  • We can cater to our individual circumstances in relation to management of our own waste.
  • There could be a potential downfall in the waste sector which may force a reduction in the number of jobs and hence reduce tax revenue for the country.

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