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The 25-Year Plan for the Environment: optimistic or achievable?

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Date posted: 6th March 2018

The Government published its long-awaited, and highly-anticipated, 25-Year Plan for the Environment earlier this year.

In the report, the Government states its aims to deliver cleaner air and water in both our cities and rural landscapes, provide richer wildlife habitats, and perhaps most importantly, use resources from nature more sustainably and efficiently.

As a proactive and environmentally responsible firm, helping to promote sustainability and resource efficiency is at the heart of everything RPS does.

Through pallet supplyreuse and collections, we’re already doing our bit to promote the circular economy and reduce the carbon footprint of our own firm, as well as our clients’ businesses.

Following the 25-Year Plan for the Environment, the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) which examines the actions of Government regarding environmental protection and sustainable development, has scrutinised the plan’s proposals and how they will be put into practice.

It has questioned how the Government intends to make the plan a reality, and whether the targets and timeframes are ambitious enough.

The Committee has launched an inquiry, which will examine key decisions around the plan’s overall ambition and approach. It will be holding one oral evidence hearing, followed by a hearing with the Government.

It requested feedback on three key topics: ambition and reporting, implementation and principles and oversight.

Ambition and reporting

The EAC wants to determine whether the targets set out in the plan reflect a higher level of ambition than existing Sustainable Development Goals, which includes the reduction of waste through prevention, recycling and reuse by 2030. It also wants to know how the goals weigh up against the current performance – after all, the goals are easily achievable if we’re already reaching the targets.


The implementation of the plan is also crucial, as the plan isn’t necessarily guaranteed to lead to more positive environmental outcomes.

Principles and oversight

As we prepare to leave the European Union, the Government has proposed an independent body to uphold our environmental standards. It’s important for us to know what this body will do to ensure the Government is fulfilling its environmental responsibilities.

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