RPS passes ISO 14001 & 45001 accreditations with flying colours

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This year, RPS celebrates ten years of maintaining ISO 14001 accreditation. We successfully passed our recent annual audit, strengthening our accreditation for another year.

Alongside our ISO 14001 audit, we also successfully passed our ISO 45001 audit. These two accreditations, which relate to environmental management and operational health and safety, help RPS to achieve our ambition of being the UK’s ‘go to’ company for pallets.

In our industry, pallets can be considered waste and they need to be handled compliantly and responsibly. Pallet collections vary from good pallets with financial rebates to scrap wooden pallets that need recycling. Our accreditations provide the structured framework to enable us to work for our customers efficiently, responsibly and above all, compliantly with the correct permits in place. That’s why we are trusted by our customers and UK total waste management companies as an approved supplier for used pallet collections.

Earlier this year, we introduced a comprehensive QHSE software system to help our business improve the fundamental processes to maintain our accreditations. Our team has really embraced the software to ensure all aspects of our work are logged, updated, and reviewed regularly. An essential part of our work is reviewing so that we can improve processes and become more effective. The introduction of the software has helped our control of documents and has provided superior reporting capability, which has been extremely important during the recent audits.

Completing another year of ISO system auditing is an absolute credit to our team. They work extremely hard every day to ensure we adhere to our safe operating procedures, mitigate any risks in our operations and maintain a high standard of environmental awareness.

Do you have trouble collecting pallets efficiently and that doesn’t cost the earth? Get in touch with our business development team so we can help you.