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Date posted: 20th June 2014

Over the last two years RPS has been busy with projects such as the move to our new site and starting some exciting new contracts. Not only has our business changed but the ways in which other companies view our business has also evolved. Over the last two years RPS has expanded its presence on social media and our Media Centre has been kept up to date with the latest business and industry news.

Over the last six months the next stage in our development has been taking place – updating our website. It was decided that a change was needed to display our services clearly and concisely so that every visitor can find what they need quickly and easily. We have worked hard to remove the jargon and developed a website that tells you exactly what we do. Who wants to spend valuable time trying to find the information you need only to be bamboozled by what you see?


rps on an ipad


The new website simply sets out our products and services and the sectors we currently work in. By clicking on the image of the product type we handle you go directly to the relevant page without the hassle of manoeuvering around endless pages of text.

We have revised our frequently asked questions to capture common queries but if you still have a question you can fill out our new ‘Quick Query’ form and we will respond promptly by email or telephone.

We are looking forward to hearing what you think about our updated website. All feedback will be greatly appreciated and will help us to make further improvements in the future. Please take a look and let us know what you think using the hashtag #rpswebsite

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