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Date posted: 28th July 2015


The phrase ‘going round in circles’ is often associated with negative connotations, but we’re about to change that…

Here at RPS we believe going round in circles is the right way (and should be the only way) to go – wherever the destination. We sound a little mad don’t we? Well, let us explain…

We’re on about the idea of a Circular Economy – an alternative approach to the traditional linear economy we’re so used to, which involves making things, using things and then disposing of them.

A Circular Economy involves using resources for as long as possible and by doing so extracting their maximum value. Once each resource is no longer able to fulfil its purpose in its current state it will then be regenerated for recycling, but only once reuse has reached its potential.

An example of this (and an explanation of why we’re going round in circles) is our pallet management process

Our pallet management process includes these simple steps:

  • Supply new / reconditioned pallets
  • Collect pallets and repair them
  • Redistribute reconditioned pallets for reuse

Our pallet management process benefits:

  • Reduce packaging costs
  • Reduce wood waste
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Encourage sustainability
  • And, put simply, save the world!

We live and breathe a Circular Economy, it’s in everything we do and can be applied to any industry.  As well as pallet management, we can also supply and collect FIBC, drums, IBCs and specialist transit packaging.

So, do you want to join us and go round in circles? Call us on 01642 469322 and let us help you save the environment, your time and your money!

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