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RPS biomass fully operational, using renewable energy

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Date posted: 4th April 2014

The RPS biomass is now fully operational and providing the business with green energy to heat the site offices and workshops.


During 2013 RPS looked at the different options to utilise the wood waste generated on site. With the help of the NEPIC subsidiary DEELOCSI, RPS took part in a Grow Greener project to determine the best outlet of the wood waste. The ideal solution was to install a biomass on site to recycle the wood waste and reduce our fuel and waste costs.


RPS contracted local firm EcoEnerG to install a biomass boiler. The boiler could eliminate up to 70 tonnes of the wood waste generated and create heat energy to heat their offices and workshops replacing the need for gas.


RPS biomass wood waste and heat energy power generation recovery from reusable pallets burned and heat offices workshop and radiators


The work with EcoEnerG and NEPIC has ensured that all parts of the project have moved in a timely fashion and all health, safety and environmental aspects, including clean emissions, have been taken into account conscientiously.


The biomass boiler now heats our offices and workshop spaces, practically eliminating our dependency on fossil fuels, saving in excess of £7,500 annually. As we’re using a renewable fuel source it also generates an income stream to the business with a renewable heat incentive (RHI). The money raised through reduced waste and fuel costs will be put back into the business to develop further environmentally sustainable features.


For ways to implement or improve environmental credentials for your business download our Power Unplugged checklist.

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