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Reuse of wooden packaging: Make do and mend

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Date posted: 3rd December 2015

When we look at the world we live in and the impact we have on the environment, no two people have the same perspective.

However, the human race appears to be gradually coming to terms with the fact that we need to start making positive changes to the way in which we utilise the natural resources available to us.

In days gone by, forests once covered up to 14 % of the planet, yet industrialization paired with an innate desire to advance, has more than halved this to 6% in recent years. Staggeringly, one and a half acres of rainforest is lost every second to deforestation.

So with all this being said, and given the irrefutable nature of these statistics, it comes as quite the surprise to see that there isn’t more of an effort being made by organizations to limit their carbon footprint.

There is an abundance of non-commercial organizations based online that deal with the topic of the waste hierarchy, a term referring to the manner in which companies deal with waste. To abide by the principles of the waste hierarchy is to extract the maximum amount of practical benefits from a discarded item, whilst also creating the least possible amount of waste.

The premature disposal of wooden pallets is a prime example of a frivolous approach to waste management. It is not uncommon practice for a company to use a wooden pallet once, as if it was a disposable, perishable item. The reality, however, is the reuse of these pallets reduces wood waste, benefits the environment whilst also lowering business expenditure.

At RPS, we’re dedicated to providing companies with the logistical support necessary to apply the principles of the waste hierarchy in order to benefit the organisation financially, whilst significantly lowering its carbon footprint.

We are equipped to manage every possible aspect of your pallet use, including; the supply of new or reconditioned pallets, used pallet collections for reuse, pallet recycling or how to effectively manage your wood waste.

We understand that one of the leading factors that may lead a company to inefficient waste disposal habits are the practicality of reuse. RPS can collect your pallets from your customers and arrange for their reuse. If the pallet cannot be reused then they will either be recycled or used for energy recovery.

Between November 28th and December 6th, we will be supporting National Tree Week, which celebrates our beautiful surroundings and highlights the importance of what many rightly describe as the lungs of the earth – as they not only provide us with oxygen but animals, birds and insects who form the ecosystem in which we live.

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