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Returning to work during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Date posted: 22nd May 2020

Since the government’s recent review of the COVID-19 lockdown on Sunday May 10th, and the ongoing developments since then, many are going back to work in the construction, waste management and manufacturing industries.

As RPS plays an important and key role suppling and collecting pallets for the essential supply chain, we have remained operational during the lockdown. Where possible members of our team have worked from home to seamlessly continue servicing our customers while keeping safe.

As the guidelines of the lockdown have now changed, we are reviewing our business strategy to ensure we’re in the best position possible as the restrictions continue to ease. This includes measure which will more than likely become the norm rather than an intermediary step.

We understand that it has been an incredibly difficult time for businesses across the UK and the uncertainty has put an immense amount of pressure on management.

However, now we’re gradually returning back to our workstations, with social distancing firmly in place, we want to hear how your company is dealing with the change and what measures you have in place to keep your colleagues, and customers, safe.

How are you managing the changes to the workplace? What have you done to minimise the risk of infection? Have you found implementing the changes difficult, interesting or even exciting?

If you have any further top tips, get in touch on our LinkedIn company page or Tweet us @RPS_Limited.

Stay safe and take care.

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