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Making waste less complicated for the construction industry

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Date posted: 11th April 2019

The biggest source of UK waste is materials from construction, demolition and excavation sites, at 61 per cent according to the Government’s report ‘UK Statistics on Waste. The Government’s attention has been increasingly focused on the potential to improve resource efficiency and minimise waste in this sector.

There are numerous companies researching innovative ways in which we can reduce waste in the future. One way of doing this is to utilise 3D printing, which is currently limited to the manufacture of elements of buildings that are then assembled on site. There are full scale trials of printing entire buildings in progress, but this may take some time.

We have a solution to reduce waste which can be implemented today. RPS understands that site managers’ main aims are to keep their sites tidy, free of clutter and ensure that workers are focusing on the job at hand.

This is why we are dedicated to making waste less complicated for site managers.

Each house built could generate up to 40 pallets of building materials, which are typically disposed of in skips. However, skips can fill up quite quickly, therefore several exchanges are needed during a construction project to remove all pallets, which is costly and time-consuming.

So how can we help to simplify this process and take away the hassle? Through our collection service!

In the same area as two car parking spaces, a construction site could store up to 200 pallets. We can collect these in one go and on one vehicle, which can help to reduce the number of collections and the cost of pallet disposal.

One of our artic vehicles can load the equivalent of up to four skip exchanges, and as we co-ordinate the entire pallet collection process, we can ensure that time and man power is not taken away from site jobs. 

We believe that reuse is a key component in reducing waste within the industry. RPS always applies the waste hierarchy by first and foremost determining whether used packaging can be reused. Following this, recycling and energy recovery become the next environmentally preferable options that RPS applies.

If you would like help with your scrap pallet disposal, get in touch by calling 01642 927765 or tweet us @RPS_Limited.

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