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‘End of build’ waste pallet disposal

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Date posted: 28th January 2019

The scope and scale of waste that comes at the end of a construction project is considerable and needs to be addressed in a way that satisfies budgets, social responsibility and legal requirements.

Did you know…

  • Each house built could generate up to 40 pallets’ of building materials?  
  • 5 million pallets are used every year when building houses?
  • On average, two skips’ worth of waste pallets are generated per house built?

The national average cost of a single skip exchange is £230, so waste removal can quickly become expensive. For this reason, we use vehicles to remove pallets; they carry a greater volume and make better use of space available, making this a cost efficient and environmentally friendly solution.

One vehicle can load up to 250 pallets, which equates to four or possibly five skip exchanges. If your construction site is approaching its end of project ‘big clean up’, we can help keep your costs down and find sustainable outlets for your used pallets.

If RPS can assist with your pallet removal, get in touch by calling 01642 927765 or tweet us @RPS_Limited.

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