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Defra reports on ‘reduce’ and ‘reuse’ to save money: Do you want your share of £60 billion?

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Date posted: 31st January 2014

Defra has commissioned a report that concluded by implementing programmes of waste prevention and reuse the UK could make substantial financial savings and reduce CO2 emissions.


The Study

The Waste Prevention Actions for Priority Wastes report found that by introducing prevention and reuse programmes we could not only create £60 billion of financial savings annually but could also save 100 million tonnes of CO2 and 58 million tonnes of materials each year.

The study was done as part of the overarching Waste Prevention Programme for England that Defra is currently preparing. As part of the revised waste framework directive (rWFD) this programme states that ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and that by reducing and reusing the UK can move towards ‘a more resource efficient, circular economy’.


Implementing Reuse Programmes

Industrial packaging, such as wooden pallets, was not included in this report but it is an area where significant savings can be made by UK industries.

By collecting pallets for reuse you could save up to 50% on your packaging costs compared to replacing each pallet with new. By reusing existing packaging items no new materials have been used to create a replacement item preserving natural resources – this also means reusing industrial packaging has a lower carbon footprint as opposed to using brand new equipment.

Two fantastic savings, commercial and environmental. Two additions to businesses that cannot be ignored.


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