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Congratulations to our newly certified staff

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Date posted: 12th December 2016

We’re proud to say that four members of our team have passed a training course and are now qualified to use our Striebig Compact vertical panel saw.

At RPS, the Striebig Compact is used to cut irregular-shaped chipboard sheets into usable sizes. Irregular chipboard sheets are often collected in our recovery for reuse service. Rather than scrap the product, our process mean we can move the chipboard to a preferable option of the waste hierarchy, to be reused as a product.

As part of our commitment to maintaining high levels of health and safety, our warehouse operatives all undergo stringent safety and training procedures before using our various machines.

We provide full training for our team members not only to help them stay safe when operating equipment, but also to help us in pursuing our environmental commitments as well.

The four operatives who completed their training are seasoned team members David Large and Henry Cox, and our two latest additions Ryan Richardson and Andrew Wilkinson. Congratulations everyone!

The training itself was conducted by TM Services & Spares Ltd, who also regularly service the panel saw – another element of our commitment to health and safety in our warehouses.

What health and safety commitments does your company have? Tweet us at @RPS_Limited and let us know.


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