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Another year around the sun at RPS

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Date posted: 20th December 2016

It’s great to get to the last weeks of December and look back on another successful year.

We have had an exceptional 12 months so we thought we’d give it a proper send-off by recycling some of our news and highlights.

2016 has been a year of significant growth for RPS. We’ve achieved a record turnover of £3.24m this year, exceeding our expected turnover by ten per cent! We’ve managed to triple our turnover over the last three years, which is amazing. The team at our Middlesbrough site has also expanded with the recruitment of 3 new members of staff taking our total up to 24.


The Company has continued to develop contracts in the waste management sector, acting as a second tier supplier collecting pallets from several major national and international retailers. We were particularly honoured to be shortlisted for the National Recycling Awards this year and had an excellent evening at the awards ceremony at the Hilton Park Lane, London, in July.

To ensure every enquiry we receive is efficiently processed, we’ve spent this year streamlining the services we provide. While we’ve always been able to deliver and collect pallets nationally, the developments we’ve made in our services have increased the volume of pallets we can transport, strengthening our capacity to operate on a national level.



Meanwhile, to support regional deliveries, we recently purchased our own vehicle. The branding of the vehicle is still underway, but be sure to keep an eye out for it in 2017 and give us a tweet when you see us out and about!

Following our successful ISO and OHSAS audits, we’ve thrown ourselves into improving our site layout, processes and procedures, in order to fulfil the new requirements introduced in the ISO 14001: 2015 amendments.




We have purchased new workbenches for pallet repairs, which have decreased handling and reduced health and safety risks to our operatives. Defined walkways and loading areas have reorganised the flow of traffic at our Middlesbrough site helping to improve efficiencies and mitigate risks.

Environmental objectives across all our sites this year included the reduction of consumables such as paper and our ‘switch-off-as-you-go’ initiative has reduced our electricity consumption. We’re now moving into our third year of operating a biomass boiler, which has so far reduced our gas consumption by 14,000 units – equivalent to 154,000 kWh.


While we’ll be waving a very fond farewell to 2016, we expect there to be just as much excitement for us in the New Year. RPS will turn 15 in the summer of 2017 and we’re all determined to make next year even more incredible than this one!

Are you looking back on 2016 with pride and fulfilment? Drop us a tweet at @rps_limited and share your own success stories.

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