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Date posted: 27th April 2017

We understand there is nothing more frustrating than unwanted pallets on your site. They can quickly become a nuisance if you have no formal collection arrangements in place and the stacks can build up, occupying valuable space.

At RPS, we provide a national pallet collection service, removing the burden from your shoulders, clearing your site and giving you the peace of mind that the collections are completed with the correct permits, licences and accreditations.

With clients including Argos, Ineos and Cummins, RPS is trusted to collect pallets professionally and economically whilst applying the most environmental action.


We understand the importance of individual corporate social responsibility with particular emphasis on environmentally and cost effectively handling packaging waste. Handled correctly, businesses not only put a big tick in the ‘green’ environmental box, but can potentially save money and even generate a greater income from providing pallet rebates. Adding into the mix a reduced carbon footprint, RPS can perform a simple and innovative process, expertly implemented.


RPS operates nationally, collecting used pallets and transit packaging compliantly, environmentally and economically. Using a network of strategic depots, all collections are performed on time and in full, exactly as requested by the customer.

Each and every one

RPS does not single out individual pallet types for collection. We won’t leave behind any odd-sized pallets that have no residual value. We can collect all pallets and, where possible, we’ll save them from the shredder and try to find a new home for them. This actively applies the waste hierarchy to pallet waste and allows pallets to be returned to original suppliers, usually at a lower cost compared to buying new.


In comparison to collecting pallets in wood skips, RPS can pick up more pallets in one collection and at a reduced cost. With an average of 250 pallets per collection, RPS can collect the same number of pallets in one trip compared to potentially four collections in wood skips. This in turn could be four times the cost of one RPS collection.

Still not convinced? Take part in our pallet questionnaire to see how we can help you or tweet us for more information at @RPS_Limited

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