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RPS’ new venture with PR Pallets

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Date posted: 18th February 2016

We are thrilled to announce some exciting news about our new venture.

RPS has teamed up with Waltham Abbey based pallet company, PR Pallets and created SPR Wood Recycling Ltd.

The venture came about after we recognised there was an opportunity to encourage environmental responsibility and more cost effective used pallet collections. Many companies generate a variety of mixed pallet sizes which can be difficult to dispose of. SPR can collect and sort to promote reuse or recycling of the pallets.

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The function of SPR is to environmentally recycle mixed pallets by shredding the wooden packaging waste. The wood chippings generated will primarily be used for biomass fuel, although we are exploring other uses including animal bedding.

SPR Wood Shredder 01

The company has invested in industrial wood shredding machinery, which has the capacity to convert 5,000te annually. Production trials began at the beginning of this month and so far, it has proved successful.

The video below shows SPR’s first collection of wood chip, which we’re sure you can imagine was a very exciting time for us!


Owen Hines, who has been present throughout the set up of SPR, commented: “We are extremely excited to begin this new venture. By encouraging collections of mixed used pallets we can prevent irresponsible disposal of wood waste and develop environmental uses for the wood chip.”

The next stages will be to ensure everything continues to function safely and correctly. We are currently implementing a full health, safety and environmental management system to make sure all operations are compliant. This will also allow us to help identify continual improvements.

We are looking forward to the future of SPR Wood Recycling Ltd and we will keep you up to date on the progress of the company and share photos with you throughout the year.

You can also follow SPR Wood Recycling Ltd’s journey on Twitter @woodrecyclinguk.


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