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RPS Install Rig to Refurbish FIBCs

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Date posted: 1st June 2011

From June 2011, RPS have successfully installed and begun to operate two refurbishment rigs to inspect and clean FIBCs for reuse. In order to expand the number of transit packaging units that RPS recover for its customers the installation of the rigs now means that RPS can make FIBCs available as a re-usable packaging item and reduce the amount of new packaging waste entered into the UK waste stream.

The RPS depot team will now sort, inspect and refurbish FIBCs so that in line with our ethic of reuse, reduce, recycle, our customers can re-use their existing packaging. This not only reduces the need for new packaging items but also reduce our customer’s overall packaging spend. Any FIBCs that cannot be re-used will be baled and sent to our plastic recycling company, Venture Polymers, who regrind the FIBCs to be recycled into items such as road side grit boxes.

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