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RPS enjoys a blossoming relationship with Ravensworth Nurseries

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Date posted: 13th September 2016

Based in the picturesque village of Ravensworth, near Richmond, Ravensworth Nurseries has thrived for over 50 years.

We’re delighted to have had the privilege of working with this family-run business, which produces bedding and pot plants, for over four years sending the garden nursery over 1000te of scrap wooden pallets each year for responsible energy recovery.

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As you’ll know by now, nothing goes to waste at RPS and Ravensworth Nurseries benefit greatly from this ethos. Ravensworth receives our scrap pallets, chip it and use it as biomass fuel to heat their greenhouses supporting the growth of plants throughout the year.

One plant the garden nursery is famous for is Poinsettias. Unlike the cold festive surroundings we’re used to seeing them in, Poinsettias are in fact native to the hot climate of Mexico. The biomass boiler we help to fuel ensures these plants get the heat they need to grow just when our weather starts to cool down.



The relationship we have with Ravensworth Nurseries flowered into life when RPS identified an objective to find a suitable and responsible outlet for a proportion our wood waste.

The arrangement has mutually benefitted both companies, as Ravensworth Nurseries has the fuel it needs for its greenhouses and RPS receives in return enough woodchip fuel, produced from our own waste pallets, to power our own biomass boiler.


Reducing waste is incredibly important to RPS and the more ways we can apply reuse, recycling and recovery of our waste, the more sustainable our planet will be.


To find out more about Ravensworth Nurseries, please visit their website by clicking here.

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