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RPS Covid-19 Update

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Date posted: 25th March 2020

Firstly, and most importantly, we hope that you, your family and your colleagues are all keeping well and staying safe. We are experiencing some extremely challenging times at the moment but above all, health is our first priority.

As the situation changes every day and even every hour, we thought it would be useful to provide an update on RPS services.

As part of the supply chain to the food and pharmaceutical industries, RPS has an important and key role to play in maintaining the distribution of essential goods to where they’re needed. Similarly, we collect used pallets from UK distribution centres to ensure sites do not become congested.

RPS is continuing to supply pallets and collect pallets, working with our hauliers and pallet partners to maintain our services.

In accordance with Government guidelines, where possible we have allowed employees to work from home to seamlessley continue servicing our customers whilst keeping safe. We are available on our mobile phones, details of which can be found on our Contact Us page. We are also contactable by email as usual.

We have put measures in place, for example social distancing and increase sanitation, to ensure the safety of our employees who are continuing work on site. They are doing a fantastic job to meet customer’s pallet orders and collection requests and are keeping safe at all times.

RPS will do what ever we can to ensure production and distribution for our customers is not disrupted. If you do have any questions, please do get in touch.

Take care and stay safe.

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