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RPS continually improves by investing in site operations

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Date posted: 6th May 2016

chipboard machine
Work is well underway to refresh operations at the RPS Maltby depot.

As part of our site developments to help provide a happy and healthy workspace for our employees, changes have been made to continually improve our site. The latest area to receive a facelift is our ‘task force’ workshop.

The ‘task force’ team, so called because they perform important and essential daily tasks, strip damaged and scrap wooden pallets to retain boards which are suitable for reuse. They cut oversized chipboard sheets into reusable sizes and meet wood requirements to help the pallet team repair damaged pallets.

The area has been revised to allow comprehensive planning of units needed, plentiful storage space and encourage a safe working environment so the entire task force team can operate machinery with piece of mind.


The task force department is an integral part of the overall RPS team. They maintain an important flow of wooden components throughout the site and help to fulfil important customer orders.

The overall site update plan is working well with the improvements already demonstrating positive achievements in how we operate. Defined walkways, improved road layout and clear site signage has already been given the quality standard assessment and we will be continuing our developments by working with each individual department throughout the year.

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