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RPS cements its relationship with Selco Builders Warehouse

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Date posted: 26th February 2016

As you’ll know by now, we always try our best for all our clients and no challenge is ever too big for us. So when we were approached by Selco Builders Warehouse for help with its pallet collections, we were more than happy to oblige.

Selco Builders Warehouse – one of the UK’s most successful and recognisable builders’ merchants – supplies top quality trade building materials. The company was receiving poor service from its previous service provider and needed guaranteed weekly pallet collections from the builders’ warehouse sites.

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Naturally RPS came to the rescue!

We made sure we were engaged from the start of the trial collection service, which saw us collecting waste pallets from 23 Selco’s London and South East sites.

Here is how we helped to improve Selco’s pallet collections:

  • Introduced a dedicated fleet to collect the used pallets.
  • Scheduled regular pallet collections throughout the week.
  • Collected every single pallet on time.
  • Worked hard to provide a seamless transaction for Selco’s sites.
  • Completed all collections without affecting the sites’ operational efficiencies.

Due to the various mix of used pallets, we partnered with SPR Wood Recycling to shred the non-reusable grade A wood waste which was then used for biomass fuel.

We are currently looking at introducing a sustainable process to further develop the collection service, including segregating reusable pallets and applying the waste hierarchy to return these to Selco suppliers, at cost effective prices.

Pallets to sort

We all know reuse comes above recycling and energy recovery and is therefore the preferred environmental option, but did you know reuse is also the most cost effective solution? By returning the reusable pallets back to the original supplier, we could potentially reduce its suppliers packaging costs. This demonstrates Selco’s commitment for a truly sustainable solution for packaging waste. The business could benefit by not receiving delivery cost increases of products to its stores as suppliers will benefit from reduced packaging spend.

At RPS, we always make sure we’re choosing the most environmentally responsible solution for used pallets so we are not just recycling and shredding them. We consider ourselves to be an innovative company and we have been able to demonstrate this by returning reused pallets to original suppliers.

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