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RPS celebrate their 10th Birthday “Three Men and a Pallet!”

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Date posted: 23rd August 2012

In August of 2002, three men decided to create a packaging recovery company that would one day become the UK’s leading packaging recovery service. Ten years later the dream has become a reality. RPS, now led by Gary Hudson and Tim Hutchinson, have numerous clients in the chemical, pharmaceutical and foods industries who all realise the importance of sustainability and fundamental requirement to reduce costs.

As RPS has matured, it has developed to become one of the leading packaging recovery companies in Europe, with its capabilities spreading as far as Spain, Italy, Finland and Sweden.

Ten years after the conception of RPS, Europe is in a much different state, where costs need to be cut, environmental credentials and targets are increasing and sustainability is ever more important. RPS has proved over the last decade that cost savings can be made through the recovery and reuse of packaging used by clients, and not only does this help increase the client’s profit, it also helps businesses to comply with environmental targets set by the Government. Reused packaging is no longer a new packaging item, and is therefore exempt from packaging waste tax. There are numerous cost savings to be made while reducing your carbon footprint.

To celebrate a decade of RPS, the whole team will be attending a Race Day at Thirsk Racecourse on the 31st August. There is a sponsored RPS race so if you are in the area or have made arrangements to attend the meet be sure to back an RPS horse – you’ll be glad that you did!

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