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Reuse: A money making, environmentally friendly and time saving process

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Date posted: 1st June 2015

We’ve been trying to get ‘green’ back on the political agenda for a while now, so it’s always good to hear when people in power have been waving the flag for us.

Ray Georgeson, chief executive of Resource Association, recently urged the Prime Minister to “add green-collar Conservatism to his policy making”.

In addition, the Queen’s Speech confirmed the government’s intentions to seal a global climate change deal at a UN summit this December, agreeing that this is “strongly in the UK’s economic and security interests.” Perhaps we can glean from this that a circular economy and resource management has not been completely scrapped and we can hope for more focus on reuse.

circular economy

We’ve continued to wonder why waste resource management hasn’t been on the top of politicians’ agendas – and even business owners’. It’s a fact (there you go, we said it) that many environmental solutions can also help you save money, so why wouldn’t you hop on the bandwagon?

With the example of our wooden pallet collection for reuse service, we’re going to demonstrate this to you…

Economical benefits

We collect our clients’ empty pallets from their customers and then sort, inspect and repair them before finally returning them for reuse. As you can imagine, like most things, a ‘second-hand’ (so to speak) pallet is a lot cheaper than a new one. Because of this we save our clients up to 50% on what they would usually spend on new pallets. For example, in 2014 we helped Huntsman Tioxide save almost €200K through pallet reuse.

As well as this, the tax man is on our side (finally!) when it comes to reconditioned packaging. Packaging waste tax is applied on all new pallets going into the UK waste stream, and not on ‘second-hand’ ones – ka-ching!

 Time & Effort

We understand time and effort are two driving factors to making business decisions. That’s why we do everything – making your decision super easy! We arrange all collections, organise all of the logistics and liaise with everyone involved. You don’t have to do a thing with regards to managing collections! We just ask that you make your customers aware that RPS collects your pallets, but even we can do that on your behalf.

Environmental benefits

Through reusing your wooden pallets, you’re automatically reducing your carbon footprint and waste volumes. For many businesses this will help hit environmental goals and also comply with legal obligations set out by the EU Waste Hierarchy. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to assess the environmental impact of reusing packaging (before recycling) in conjunction with its economic viability.

RPS will co-ordinate the entire process and measurably reduce your packaging spend. By combining all elements of the collection service we’ll ensure your environmental impact is also reduced. As an example, Cummins Darlington Engine Plant reduced its wood waste by 500te, with the help of RPS.

Customer satisfaction

As part of your business’ wider corporate social responsibility, you can offer your customers a free collection of used pallets from their sites. Wood waste disposal costs can be expensive, so with RPS collecting your used pallets we can alleviate the cost burden to your customer, promote environmental and economical sustainability and ensure customer satisfaction.

So, is waste resource management at the top of your agenda now?

Call us on 01642 469322 and let us help you save the environment, your time and your money!

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