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Proposed changes to EC Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive could make reuse of industrial packaging compulsory

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Date posted: 26th June 2013

At the latest EC Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive review, under section 5.2 the following suggestions were discussed:

reuse–  Expand the recycling target to include reuse by allowing the reuse of
reuse reuse packaging be credited to the recycling target.

reuse–  Introduce targets for reuse for commercial transit packaging.

reuse–  Introduce targets for reuse for all packaging.


Although these suggestions may take up to two years to be integrated into the current UK legislation, if the EU votes the changes in it will force companies to provide evidence to demonstrate packaging has been reused. If these changes are to be adopted the UK could possibly look to issue packaging recovery notes (PRNs) for reuse. This evidence can then be used to determine whether proposed reuse targets have been met.

Although these changes are in the early stages evidence may be needed based on the tonnage of packaging that has been put back into the market, similar to the PRN system for demonstrating evidence of packaging recycling.

RPS currently demonstrates the environmental and economic importance of reuse of packaging and with these potential updates to include reuse targets RPS will also be able to provide a service that fully complies with UK legislation. If you would like more information regarding recovery of packaging for reuse then please get in touch on 01642 465556 or fill out our website contact form.

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