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Johnson Matthey Waste Pallet Solution

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Date posted: 13th March 2012

RPS has recently agreed with Johnson Matthey to clear pallets from their site in Clitheroe. The pallets collected include those supplied with raw material as well as their own damaged pallets. The aim is to sort, inspect and repair the various pallet types ready to be returned for re-use either by the Business or by a third party packer/filler.

The benefits of this approach include:

  1. A contribution to reducing spend on new pallets
  2. Adds value for unwanted raw material pallets
  3. Promotes re-use rather than re-cycle
  4. Unavoidable wood waste chipped or sent as Biomass feed
  5. Timely collections to minimise yard space

To find out if this sustainable approach or our other pallet management services could benefit your business please check our website for details.

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