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Hadfield Wood Recyclers presents RPS with wood recycling certificate

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Date posted: 25th May 2018

RPS is committed to finding reuse options for all the pallets we handle. As such, of the 1.13M pallets we handled through our depot and national network during 2017, RPS managed to send 84.3% for reuse.

To ensure the most environmental outcome for damaged pallets that cannot be reused, RPS works with companies like Hadfield Wood Recyclers. They are experts in wood recycling and have three plants across the UK, one of which is based on the Wilton International Site near Middlesbrough.

In 2017, RPS sent 447 tonnes of wooden pallet waste to the Hadfield site at Wilton which was chipped and recycled into their easi- product range producing animal bedding for cattle, horses and chickens.

In total, the Hadfield site at Middlesbrough diverted more than 300,000 tonnes of wood from landfill last year.

The combination of encouraging reuse and utilising recycling outlets such as Hadfield Wood Recyclers, ensures that RPS does not send any used pallets to landfill. Every pallet is handled compliantly in accordance with our waste permits and our in depth analysis allows us to monitor collected pallets to help find the most environmental home for them all.

If you have used pallets that need collecting, let RPS know and we’ll take the hassle out of pallet for you.

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