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Environmental Agency issues statement over status of waste wood

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Date posted: 21st December 2017

The Environmental Agency has recently issued a Regulatory Position Statement over the hazardous status of waste wood.

The statement, which allows waste wood to be moved without the need to classify the wood as hazardous, will be in place for 12 months until November 2018.

This Regulatory Position Statement could lead to much tighter rules over the handling of waste wood in civic amenity sites and household waste recycling centres.

The decision was made because more wood is going to use for biomass burning and whilst larger plants are subject to tight emissions controls, many smaller plants are not.

Due to this, there is concern that wood, which has been treated with chemicals, may emit harmful emissions.

The Wood Recyclers Association and the Environmental Agency are now in talks and are looking for a solution to the issue because there are concerns it would be impractical to test or sort all wood arising at businesses, or local authority premises, to see if it should be classified as hazardous or non-hazardous.

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