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Cost effective waste packaging solution for Anglian Group

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Date posted: 20th January 2012

Working closely with the Anglian Group in Norwich, RPS has been able to implement a cost effective solution to help Anglian Windows responsibly dispose of their raw material FIBC big bags.

With a relationship built up through the recovery of Ineos Compounds packaging, allĀ the raw material packaging fromĀ  Anglian Windows will be reused or recycled. All Ineos wooden pallets are inspected and repaired ready for reuse by Ineos Compounds and any raw material FIBCs unsuitable for reuse will be sent for reprocessing and recycled to create kerbside grit boxes, excellent for our recent cold weather!

RPS has set an objective to become zero waste to landfill by the end of 2012. With 98% of our current waste either being reused or recycled, Anglian Windows can be rest assured that their waste is being handled efficiently and responsibly.

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