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Clarity acheived for WM2 hazardous waste management legislation revision

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Date posted: 2nd June 2014

The WM2 legislation, which relates to the management of hazardous packaging waste, caused a stir earlier this year when representatives in the packaging and hazardous products industries believed that the consultation period did not give adequate notice to review the contents.




During April revisions to the legislation have been put in place to make it more practical and accessible with clearer guidelines on the classification of hazardous packaging waste and how to correctly consign movements.

With the help of Boval Consulting Ltd, RPS has produced a guidance sheet containing the questions that should be asked when considering whether the packaging is waste, empty or hazardous. It then neatly concludes with a flow diagram to perform the necessary checks and ensure that full compliance is being adhered to.


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In conjunction with NEPIC, RPS has arranged a seminar for Wednesday 30th July to inform industry peers of the legislation changes. To book onto the seminar please click here to visit the Event Page. It will be a great opportunity to meet colleagues from like-minded businesses, enjoy some breakfast and learn about how the changes impact your business.

For further information on the current legislation please get in touch with a member of the RPS team by clicking here. Alternatively you could speak to Phil Pease of Boval Consulting on 07770 633320.

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