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Biomass boost takes wood waste majority

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Date posted: 17th June 2013

According to the WRA (Wood Recyclers’ Association) during 2012 more wood waste was used for biomass than in the panel board industry. The total tonnage of waste wood for biomass exceeded panel board with an exceptionally high exported volume.

The latest figures demonstrate that more and more biomass facilities have been introduced which supports the fact that as fuel prices increase, the use of wood waste as a fuel has become a valuable resource. Since 2011 when an abundance of wood waste directed experts to believe that timber should be eaten up through increase biomass usage, the figures show that with the closure of the Sonae panel board mill at Knowsley, alternative uses for wood waste is needed.

With funding available for SMEs to install biomass plants, wood waste is becoming more of a commodity at a time when fuel prices can only increase. During 2013, it can be surmised that an even greater percentage of wood waste will go into the biomass industry rather than its original routes.

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